Bear's Raw Food Diet

Details about Bear’s Raw Food Diet.

Diet was one of the lifestyle changes I had that improved my life with chronic health issues. As our German Shepherd was growing accustomed to itchy skin, hot spots, and a sensitive stomach, we felt inclined to advocate for our best friend’s health even though we were unanimously encouraged that this was normal by multiple vets. As I started to eliminated prescriptions and using food as medicine, I started to do the same for Bear!

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Olivia Rehberger

My review of the Cefaly Device, based on my experience with the device over the last nearly 3 years! The good, the bad, and my honest recommendation for use! I get so many questions about my use of the Cefaly device, so I answer all the questions I can think of in this blog post!

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Travel Guide: Washington D.C.

Travel Guide for Washington D.C.

Remember when I visited our nation’s capital for HEADACHE ON THE HILL 2018?! I finally pulled together photos and recommendations for food, hotel, and attractions in Washington D.C.

FOODIE NOTE: I eat Gluten and Dairy Free, even on vacation so I like to include referrals for diet restriction friendly spots in any city I get the chance to experience!

MONUMENT NOTE: I’m a History nerd/ National History Day Qualifier (Holla), so I’m definitely partial to the historical side of D.C.

I hope you enjoy my recommendations, let me know if you try them out!

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