I want to keep it real with y’all, so here are a few of the things maybe you don't know about me. The whole purpose of creating my blog was to share my authentic journey with chronic illness & invisible pain because I believe that sharing the struggle is important; not just for others but also for myself. Since I have a tendency to overshare anyways, why not get comfortable with one another now? I hope that by shamelessly (over)sharing that you find solace and can relate, laugh, and heal with me on this imperfect journey.

-I was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Park Ridge, Illinois. Lived in Columbia, MO for 6 years 🐯(...WOAH😱) and moved to Kansas City about 2 years ago👠

-I come from a big & close knit family. On my mom’s side, I am one of 10 cousins who essentially double as siblings 💕

-I am really bad at math, failed college algebra 3X in college before passing (actually that how I started dating Paul in college because he was my tutor)😉👩🏻‍🏫🤷🏻‍♀️

-I was punk/goth in middle school. My family went to Florida during this phase and I wore black, refused to tan, and listened to Marilyn Manson the entire trip. 🖤🤘🏼

-I’ve worn glasses since the 3rd grade. It’s illegal for me to drive without lenses (contacts/glasses) & in 7th grade I wore red Versace frame, obviously.

-I drive a shitty car around but I bought it myself going into my Junior Year of college and I own it so IDGAF. Her name is Crystal 🚙💎

-My licence plate already includes the name of our second German Shepard that we do not yet own...stay tuned 🙏🤞

-My dimple is actually a scar and something I’m terribly insecure about.

-I did not like dogs until Bear. (Paul and 🐻 made me soft).

-I’ve had heightened anxiety over the last year since becoming episodic and learning to adjust to my “new norm”, a new diagnosis & processing the trauma of being debilitated with chronic illness for 5+ years.

-My immediate family has experienced: Alcoholism, (premature) Death, Depression, Mental Illness, Homosexuality, Miscarriages, Affairs, Divorce, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Cancer, Chronic Illness...
So, NO JUDGEMENT HERE. Ever. Just lots of understanding that we GROW thru adversity. 💕

-I lost roughly 60 pounds over about 6 months because of side-effects to medications, and imbalances in my gut health. Nausea, daily persistent vomiting, complications from a diagnostic procedure, and months of bed rest resulted in an incredibly weakened Olivia. I knew I had to get stronger but I was scared to do anything because of the years of injuries that I always struggled with anytime I was active growing up. Hence, Pilates 😍

-I almost never remember to floss before bed😬

-I love showers but I hate washing my hair and do it as seldom as I can get away with.

-Organic deodorant is not cutting it for me... I’m literally so sorry if I’ve offended u with my rankness 🤭

-I worked as an Au Pair in college and have nannied since “babysitting” wasn’t an age appropriate term. I’ve worked as a hostess/server, sales associate (in major brands and small/local boutiques), as a personal assistant, assistant project manager, and I learned a lot from each crappy job along the way. When I became chronic and debilitated, I stopped working until after graduation. I began writing and advocating, nannying, working with local businesses, photography, etc. Navigating a career with chronic illness is something I still struggle with. 💜

-my dad was a closeted homosexual. He was an alcoholic who struggled with mental illness. He was an interior designer and owned a small business named, “Home Enhancements” 😉( ...see what I did there? ) I majored in Psychology because I wanted to help people who struggled like my dad, who succumbed to his addiction almost 2 yrs ago.

-I sing and dance all the time: in my car, in the shower, in the house. But I have developed some stage fright I’m trying to work thru😬🙈

-Before I got sick I went to like over 100 concerts. Ranging from Marilyn Manson, The Mars Volta, JT, Britney Spears, Bob Dylan, Bright Eyes, Rascals Flatts, Madonna, Cher, Kotton Mouth Kings, J Cole, Eminem...I LOVE all types of music.

-I have a demanding personality that I go back and forth between wanting to tone down and saying fuck it, take me or leave me...IDC/I care a lot.

-Still not sure why Andy Cohen hasn't made me a full time Real Housewife yet? Ill be here in Kansas... waiting for my offer. #RHOKC #bravolebrity

Share a fun fact about yourself or drop a comment if this resonates for you! We rise by lifting others, I’ve learned that sharing my story makes others feel more open about sharing theirs. EVERYBODY HAS SOMETHING, BE KIND ALWAYS. These things matter and shouldn’t be socially unacceptable or taboo to discuss, which is why I have decided to put it out there (in print). I always figured I would wait until I wrote a book eventually, but the unwavering support of the community I surround myself with has encouraged me to stop waiting for "the right time” and just go for it- and for that I am thankful.