Celery Juice




Y’all the hype is real, don’t fight it. I live in a health conscious way because lifestyle is my preventative medication now. It’s all about stacking the odds in favor of prevention instead waiting for my body to break down to begin rebuilding it.

Healing isn’t linear because IT IS CONSTANT.

I recently added juicing celery juice first thing in the morning to my routine. I felt like the coffee was getting a lil’ out of control and I try to keep my caffeine consumption limited as a general rule of thumb for migraine management. There’s a lot of health benefits especially for chronic illness, as detailed by @medicalmedium but let me highlight a few since I’ve been getting so many messages with questions!

*Alkalizes the gut because of the natural bio-active sodium and undiscovered mineral salts that act together to raise/restore the body’s pH as an antiseptic to kill disease and help the body function optimally.

*It is majorly anti-inflammatory, because it starves pathogens that cause inflammation & disease like bacteria, yeast, mold, viruses.

*Optimizes digestion by raising hydrochloric acid in the stomach which prevents many gastrointestinal disorders.

*The mineral salts also support the central nervous system to help with healing, especially in chronic and mystery illnesses.

*Hydrates on a deep cellular level, lessening the chance of suffering from migraines.

*Offers stress assistance, calms the gut and repairs DNA.

*Enhances the ability of supplemental GABA, glycine and magnesium to be absorbed by the brain and aid in neurotransmitter performance for sleep support.

*Improves Methylation or the proper absorption & utilization of nutrients, including B12 and zinc!

But in addition to that I am more motivated to get up and get going and it’s helping me establish strong morning habits.

I started the cleanse at the beginning of November, with 16 oz as recommended by the Medical Medium’s guidelines. I worked my way up to 24 oz and now I maintain 32 oz. before I eat or drink anything else. I personally use organic celery but the guidelines note that regular (non-organic) celery is also fine. Wait about 15-30 minutes before eating, which is a perfect time to walk your fur baby, meditate, flow through some yoga, write down some daily intentions.

(*If you plan to give celery juice a shot and you currently take daily medications, I recommend reaching out to your doctor to share your plans! I read that some medications can be effected by celery juice, so please double check!)

Many of the questions I received were about taste, and the guidelines do permit using a cucumber and or apple to cut the taste.

In all honesty, I had an increase in symptoms; bloating, fatigue, stomach aches. I was so excited to start the celery juice cleanse and I felt very discouraged by my increase in symptoms. So I started researching more into the Celery Juice Cleanse and quickly learned my symptoms made total sense! I learned that an increase in symptoms is a normal detox reaction and is actually part of a powerful healing step.

The bloating is due celery juice speeding up digestion which promotes liver bile production and instantly strengthens the stomach hydrochloric acid production. Bloating can occur when there is toxicity in the digestion track!

Upset stomach can be due to low grade viral infections which can mildly inflame the vagus nerve. Celery Juice cleanses neuro-toxins.

So all my symptoms were explained and are also issues I’m aware of from my doctors.

Read more about Celery Juice in the Medical Medium’s books, website and social media pages!