Wedding Season

Beau Vaughn Photography   Venue: The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

Beau Vaughn Photography

Venue: The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

Black tie wedding guest wardrobe: Jarlo London Dress | Kendra Scott Jewelry |  Hair Posh KC, makeup by Hannah | Hair color Austin Bird


Wedding season is officially in full swing! YAY!

When I tell people that Paul and I have four out of town weddings back to back, their eyes get big and they wait for me to be annoyed. I actually LOVE going to weddings! I love putting together an outfit, getting dressed up, having a special occasion to look forward to, and most of all seeing my loved ones happy!! 

I’ll be spilling some of my tips and tricks for making weddings enjoyable (even if you don’t love weddings like, "I DO")😉 ((pun intended)) 

Regardless of how many weddings you’ve RSVP’d “Yes” to this summer, if you’re standing in the wedding party, if you're traveling to the big day, if you’re balling on a budget, or if you have chronic illness, weddings will be as fun as you decide to make them!

Be prepared!

Before I begin to book travel, purchase gifts, or plan my outfit. I add everything to my planner: showers, bachelorette parties, rehearsal details, wedding day plans! Then I work my way through the rest of the to-do list as I'm able to. Slowly gathering things helps keep it fun, if you treat this like a task it will feel like one. 

Be excited about what you’re going to wear!

If you like what you’re planning to wear, you’re going to be excited about wearing that outfit and therefore look forward to the event. When I like my outfit, I’m a much nicer person. To make shopping more fun, turn it into a date of shopping with a friend, so you look forward to it! I'm a big fan of online shopping because its quick and easy! The dress I am wearing this weekend, I online ordered from REVOLVE! The Dress seen in the photo above, I online ordered from ASOS but is was also available at Bloomingdales and Nordstrom! 

Treat yourself!

Go get your nails "did" (or do them yourself, if you're on a budget), get a blow out (or try a new hair style). Who says you can’t enjoy this day too?! Putting a little extra time into loving your look will automatically make this event a more fun time for you, I can basically guarantee it! 


Brush off crazy rude comments that make you want to spit out your champagne. If going to family functions, is anything like it is for me, you anticipate getting grilled about what you're doing post-grad life. People feel inclined to ask medical questions, prodding comments about when it's "your turn" to get married, how the new job/move are, etc. Whatever it is, smile and redirect the small talk if you aren't open to sharing. Ask them how they are instead!  Remember, the photographer will be snapping away, so SMILE!

Pass the drinks

Speaking of champagne, this isn't going to be popular, BUT I do advise passing on your "drank" until the reception begins and especially until you’ve finished all bridal party commitments. I don't personally drink and I can't tell you how handy it is to have a sober person to help with logistics! Remember that emotions are running high as it is! 

Keep necessities close

PRO TIP: ALWAYS TAKE A PHOTO OF THE INVITATION, FRONT AND BACK! I always have my bag with me, even if I keep it in the car.  I keep medications, ice, food that’s gf/df, band-aids, puke baggies, etc. handy.  The day of a big event is not the day to go without (because your glasses don't fit in your clutch). Nothing like ruining a good night out because you forgot something you need. Again be prepared! 😉 If you're really thoughtful, add a few things you think the bride and groom might forget! 

Take photos!

Every bride texts me the next day asking for my photos. Waiting for the wedding photos is exciting and miserable all at the same time. Be a true pal and snap some from your phone to ease the couple's worries and satisfy the quench until the photographer emails over that coveted link! 

Dance it out!

Grab the flower girl if you’re flying solo or your date isn’t a dancer. The dance floor is where all the fun happens. You should have enough liquid courage at this point to be the dancer you think you are! 

Give a gift your proud of.

I like to give something sentimental or personal. Especially when I’m in the wedding party. Wedding registries make gifting SO easy, so this is nothing to stress over! (I can write a whole separate post on gifts I’ve given in the past... I LOVE GIFT GIVING!) 

Most importantly, remember that this is a special day for the bride and groom and to be present for it. It’s an honor to be included, so remind yourself that of the hundreds of people that the couple narrowed down and had to cut back, that they asked you to share this day with them. Do as you would want done for you.


More Wedding Season tips & tricks to come! Drop a comment or DM me if there's a topic you would love me to cover!! 

XO- Liv


A few photos from the last wedding Paul and I attended! 

Beau Vaughn Photography 

Venue: The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts 

Black tie wedding guest wardrobe: Jarlo London Dress | Kendra Scott Jewelry |  Hair Posh KC, makeup by Hannah | Hair color Austin Bird