APL Training Shoes

I had these pair for a year and a half prior to buying a new pair. They were the first gym shoe I really worked out in and wasn't just wearing to appear as though I worked out. If I'm 100% honest, the color is what caught my eye but the comfort of the shoe is what made me a repeat buyer. I also have bunions (I was born with them- don't ask), so I have chronic foot pain and certain gym shoes can really aggravate those issues. I'm so glad that I found APL, and that they fulfilled all my expectations.  I get A TON of compliments on these shoes, because the color is so eye catching and unique from other shoes available. 

(FULL DISCLOSURE: I get a VERY small commission if you purchase APLs through the links provided on my sites. I wanted to be an APL Affiliate because I am genuinely impressed with the product, I will not promote products I don't personally use or believe in.)   

bkr bottle

In effort to drink more water, I first bought the 250 ML and I was addicted. I quickly bought two more (different shades of pink), again mostly because I was obsessed with the color palette, I have grown to LOVE my bkr bottle, it goes everywhere with me. I keep one at home, usually on my night stand and one in my car. Easy to wash, dishwasher safe, and another item I get stopped over constantly! 

RX Protein Bar

I eat these at least once a day, I always keep 3 in my purse as a GO-TO snack! Gluten Free and Dairy Free so they satisfy my diet restrictions. For my Chicago homies, this brand was founded in a Chicago Suburban basement, I'm glad to support a local entrepreneur and start up! 

New York Times says of RX Bars, " The millennial-led Chicago company, which makes “clean-label” protein bars with whole-food ingredients, has taken off quickly through retail and online channels, with projected sales of $120 million this year." 

Redd Protein Bar

These Bars satisfy even my most intense Chocolate cravings and are Dairy Free! BLESS UP!