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Pilates of Kansas City, fondly refereed to as "PKC", has become my home away from home since moving to Kansas City about two years ago. When I first moved, I was very sick and struggling with chronic migraine and an array of debilitating symptoms. Last summer (2017), after having complications from a Lumbar Puncture - turned Spinal Migraine - I was recovering from a Blood Patch, which led me to a diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Hypermobility Disorder. I was very weakened by years of illness and time spent recovering in bed. I began to notice I was losing control of certain fingers and toes, otherwise known as Neurapathy. I knew that I needed to start moving but I was hesitant because I was so out of shape and sick. I knew low impact workouts were what I needed to be kind to myself but I was discouraged because I used to be able to do more intense workouts (even if they resulted in injury or illness) and these classes seemed dumb to me.  It was hard to work out without getting nauseous or dizzy, I was fatigued getting up from bed to use the bathroom. I recalled the many times throughout my life that being active resulted in injuries. I was always spraining this, or dislocating that. All I really had to do to talk myself out of going was look at how messed up and out of shape my body was. I was already discouraged and apprehensive with a list of legitimate excuses. Walking into a boutique fitness studio with strong, fit, confident, Lululemon wearing bad asses was intimidating but mostly because I had made it out to be that way in my head. Once I actually got myself to the studio and in classes, to my surprise; I was met with support, understanding, and community that has been created around the studio.

PKC was the first studio that even knew what I was saying when I told them my diagnosis and the first workout that I was able to do without throwing up in the middle of class! I have met so may friends through being at the studio and because of the small class dynamic, I have really had the chance to get to know my classmates as well as my instructors! My instructors encourage me to modify as needed and work to help me build up strength in a way that is safe for my body. Working out at PKC has empowered me in my own workouts, and inspired me to continue learning about "The Method" by pursuing Classical Pilates Education. I love my time at the studio and feel so fortunate to have a Classical Pilates Studio to fall in love with in Kansas City, thanks to the owner, Elisabeth David. Before Elisabeth envisioned and created Pilates of Kansas City, I would have had to go out of state to receive the education and certification necessary to pursue Classical Pilates Education. I am very inspired by the entrepreneur and instructor that Elisabeth is, she too moved to KC without knowing many people in a new city and created a life, business, and community around her dreams! I'm proud to support local KC entrepreneurs and of the progress I have made since last summer as a member of the PKC Studio, and now a Classical Pilates Apprentice!

If you haven't tried PKC yet, your first class is free! PKC expanded over a year ago to offer TRX, Yoga, Cycling, Barre in addition to Classical Pilates. I enjoy being able to switch up my workout within the studio, which is located off of State Line in Prarire Village! 

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