I am the type of person who loves looking at old pictures, getting nostalgic and reminiscing. I find myself doing this quite often but really, I’ve always been into collecting and sorting through photos and telling stories that way. As much as I tried to fight the urge to compile a 2018 year in review cliche photo story, that every IG blogger/account seemed to be doing - I couldn’t resist. I have loved watching replays and it’s a nice reminder when I feel like I am far from my goals to remember that 2018 was full of things I didn’t think I could do that I did anyways.

It also seemed like a great way for me to find topics you want to hear about to expand on in blog posts! I recently did a follow up on Bear’s health scare because I got a lot of messages asking me questions about Bear. Keep an eye out for more on Headache on the Hill event coming up in February! Leave a comment or DM me if there is a specific blog post you’d like to see me cover!


What a year- My heart is overwhelming full looking back on 2018. 
Learning to lean into the chaos and beauty of this life, I get to live. The failures and successes, the tears and the laughter, endings and new beginnings, discomfort and a whole bunch of growth. So much change, firsts and groundwork laid for 2019. I really like who I’m becoming and I’m so looking forward to what I have decided will be a great year ahead. 
Happy New Year, CHEERS to you sweet humans! Thank you for coming along for the ride, you make sharing so worth the while!

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