My review of the Cefaly Device, based on my experience with the device over the last nearly 3 years! The good, the bad, and my honest recommendation for use! I get so many questions about my use of the Cefaly device, so I answer all the questions I can think of in this blog post!

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Travel Guide: Washington D.C.

Travel Guide for Washington D.C.

Remember when I visited our nation’s capital for HEADACHE ON THE HILL 2018?! I finally pulled together photos and recommendations for food, hotel, and attractions in Washington D.C.

FOODIE NOTE: I eat Gluten and Dairy Free, even on vacation so I like to include referrals for diet restriction friendly spots in any city I get the chance to experience!

MONUMENT NOTE: I’m a History nerd/ National History Day Qualifier (Holla), so I’m definitely partial to the historical side of D.C.

I hope you enjoy my recommendations, let me know if you try them out!

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Wedding Season: Gift Giving Guide

Gift Giving Guide for the BRIDE TO BE!

Between medical bills, bridesmaid obligations, and travel as a wedding guest, I can't always afford to gift the bride something off her registry. To keep weddings and gift giving enjoyable, instead of stress ridden, here are some tips from a (unofficial-professional) Bridesmaid for the most thoughtful & cost efficient gifts to give whether you love to DIY or prefer to online buy!

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My journey from Chronic to One Year Episodic!

Memorial Day Weekend 2017, lumbar puncture, to Memorial Day 2018, the beach!

In honor of Migraine Awareness Month, I decided to share a low but pivotal time in my journey with migraine, the struggle and trauma along my recovery from chronic to episodic, and how I kept hope and made changes to thrive and live a FULL life with Chronic Pain.

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