Hi, I'm Olivia Rehberger, I am so glad to have you here! 

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois but haven't lived there since I left for college at the University of Missouri. I graduated with a Bachelors in Psychology, after struggling with debilitating migraines throughout my time at Mizzou. After graduation my boyfriend (Paul) and our German Shepherd (Bear) moved to Kansas City where we're remodeling and creating a home for our wolf-pack!

My blog is where I share ALL the things that ENHANCE my life with INVISIBLE illness. The question I am asked almost daily is, "How do you do it?", I'll use my blog to share "how I do it", meaning live a full and happy life with chronic and invisible pain! I post about anything from Migraine, Pilates, Fashion, GF & DF Diet, Mental Fitness, Bear, Photography, Local Events, Products, Travel, Family, Home Remodel, Doctor Appointments, Physical Therapy, and really whatever else comes up in my life! 

I believe that invisible illness is my biggest blessings because it served as a catalyst for prioritizing health and self-advocacy at a young age and presented me with an opportunity to create a healthy life-style. I probably wouldn't care as much about self-care, lifestyle, and my health in my early twenties if I had not been debilitated by chronic pain throughout my adolescents and college. As disease took over my life, I never stopped wondering why, pushing for answers,and pursuing my instincts which led me to prioritize self-awareness instead of numbing pain and symptoms.

When I was surviving life with chronic, daily, intractable migraine I was told by doctors around the country that there was no cure and to have realistic expectations for my pain management. Life at age 23, was looking pretty bleak until I committed myself to finding a way to THRIVE as oppose to SURVIVE my life with chronic pain. I began to look at symptoms as signals and used food and movement as medicine to detox prescription dependencies.

Today I have episodic instead of chronic migraine, which feels like a chance to start again. I have learned to make the best of a bad situation by embracing life's challenges with a positive attitude and utilizing my limited energy efficiently. Follow along as I continue my imperfect journey of HEALING and REMODELING a beautiful life and new home in Kansas City, as a twenty-something with chronic pain. I hope authentically sharing my healing journey can provide further insight into life with chronic pain diseases and how I work to navigate and manage my health in order to LIV-FULLY!